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Hello and Welcome to As the founder and owner of SoloMist, I would like to thank you for visiting our site and for expressing an interest in our company. Over the last 10 years, our company has grown exponentially from a small door to door spray tan service, to a world wide internationally known distributor of premier spray tanning goods.

Certainly, the spray tanning industry has evolved over the years and so has SoloMist.  Adam Luckette, the SoloMist CEO and founder, first came onto the spray tan scene back in the year 2000. As an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, Adam discovered the phenomenon of Spray Tanning at a local salon. Adam recalls “it was a primitive looking machine, the solution smelled awful, and made a huge mess but the results were Awesome and Intriguing.”

From that point forward, Adam become infatuated with the process. With a spray tan machine and a dream, he traveled across his college campus and all over town, painting the town tan. As his experience, knowledge and entrepreneurship grew, Adam decided to take the next step in the Spray Tanning Business. He set out to develop his system. One that would change the spray tanning industry forever by offering customers 3 valuable components.


Combine these factors with a lifetime warranty, and the best Spray Tanning Solution in the business and what you get is a SOLOMIST SELF TANNING SYSTEM. With our new SoloSolution formula, we believe SoloMist will change the Spray Tanning industry forever. In addition to our new SoloSolution formula, we are proud to announce an upgrade to the SoloMisterMax. This upgrade makes our machines the best in the business from a standpoint of performance and price point.

As the spray tanning industry continues to evolve and gain popularity, we at SoloMist are constantly working on the next best thing to help people achieve the ultimate tan without exposing their skin to harmful UV rays. The future is bright for NON UV DEA based tanning formulations and SoloMist is proud to be at the forefront of the most cutting edge developments in the industry. Looking forward, we are working hard to develop a Spray Tanning formula that is not only waterproof but also possesses powerful UV ray protection from the sun. As our research progresses in this area we will be sure to keep all our customers informed.

For now, we are confident, you will not experience a better system for the money and we stand by that statement 100%. Please don't be fooled by impostors and look-a-likes, SoloMist units are specifically designed for Spray Tanning, unlike most of our competitors. We encourage you to take a tour through our enhanced website, and be sure to check out our SoloMist Virtual Store.

Here, your online shopping experience is maximized with interactive product videos, picture galleries and of course simple, secure transactions. As the owner and CEO of SoloMist, I personally would like to thank you for putting your trust and confidence in our products. SoloMist is committed to providing the highest level of Products, Customer Service, and Support. Best regards and Happy Tanning.

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