Why SoloMist?

THANK YOU for your interest in the most exciting and cutting edge business market in WORLD! Here at SoloMist, it is our mission to orchestrate, engineer and develop successful mobile tanning companies Worldwide. We provide all the necessary tools including intriguing business names, logo design, customized product development, and website design and development to make an immediate and powerful impact on your sales and marketing. With our collective expertise and experience not just with SoloMist, but other marketing and product development companies, our individual talents will aid you in stimulating maximum profit returns in minimal time.

We are devoted to our clients and will provide your business venture with the care and the time it deserves until you are completely satisfied with the end results. The first step is a personal consultation either in person or via telephone upon which you will sit down with myself and our business development manager to develop a strategic business plan that is based on projected budget, personal preferences, commitment (time you plan to devote), and finally we will discuss short and long term business goals. I can assure you that if you possess motivation, social skills and determination you will be extremely successful in this Venture. The Spray Tanning industry has taken the world by storm for the last decade and the interest continues to spread like wildfire...Now is the time to get Sprayed and get PAID and SoloMist has the perfect plan to get you there FAST.  

Remember we have packages to fit all budgets ranging from 150 dollars and up. We can get you earning profits fast and with minimal overhead. We will also be following up with you via telephone just to see if there is any further information you may require. Thanks again for your interest in this amazing opportunity...

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